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A Tuscan Boîte at the Delano

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Flashback: the Delano. 2005.

You’re walking up to the door, minding your own business, and suddenly you’re caught in a firestorm of flashbulbs, Lohans, Hiltons, French tourists, screaming valets and screeching tires. Total. South Beach. Insanity.

Ah. Good times.

And now... it’s all back. Sort of.

Take a look at Bianca, an indoor/outdoor wonderland of truffle pasta, wine and raucous dinners, now open to hotel guests and to the public next Friday at the renovated Delano.

What was once Blue Door has now become this soothing, cream-and-beige Italian spot. Make your way through the hotel’s corridor-lobby, opposite the spruced-up Rose Bar (goodbye Philippe Starck kitsch, hello linen couches), and you’ll find a completely redone restaurant with blonde-wood tables and oversized mirrors. (That romantic patio overlooking the fairy-tale garden, however: still there.)

Offhand, there are at least three reasons you’ll be booking a table here soon: 1) You’re meeting her parents for the first time. 2) Your expense account is picking up the check. 3) You’ve got dinner with LeBron coming up, and you heard he’s thinking licensing deal.

Take a seat in the soaring dining room. Relax. Have a dirty martini—you’re about to have a decadent meal. Things like platters of burrata and prosciutto, bowls of truffle tagliatelle, and salt-roasted branzino.

Branzino: the deal-sealingest fish.

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