The Onion Soup Burger

Served Up

Onion Soup, Now in Burger Form

None You’ve had soup in all kinds of things: cups. Bowls. Your pants. (Well, a thermos was involved.)

In a burger: not so much.

But you will. You most certainly will. And it will be called The Onion Soup Burger, available now from the new chef at Poste to give you your soup fix in a form a little less liquid and a little more beefy.

This is basically like someone taking the gooey, oniony top of a bowl of French onion soup and ladling it on top of a burger. (You’d think Franklin or Edison or someone would have thought this up already.)

So on a particularly brisk day (read: today), you’ll want to settle in at Poste’s bar and order this thing. There’s an inch-thick patty of Virginia grass-fed beef waiting for you that’s been aged, ground and aged again.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Before you’ve downed your first ale, the chef pan-sears the burger and sets it on an onion bun with mayo and a pile of caramelized onions from the restaurant’s French onion soup. He then melts a heap of comté cheese on top and dips the top of the bun in—naturally—the soup.

The result: a rich, melty and, yes, slightly brothy creation—like a patty melt on steroids.

Or French onion soup on HGH.


The Onion Soup Burger
available at Poste Moderne Brasserie
555 8th St NW
(at F St NW)
Washington, DC, 20004

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