Candid Camera

A Lighter That Records Video

None Smoke breaks have always been rife with negative consequences.

Chilly fingertips. Overly graphic tales of office romances. Lung cancer.

But they just got a little more dangerous. Especially if you happen to moonlight as a secret agent.

Presenting the Motion-Detected Lighter Camcorder, the kind of lighter Q would have given to a Connery-era Bond to get incriminating video on an egomaniacal supervillain, available now.

So picture it: a high society dinner in Cambridge. The room packed with dignitaries of every stripe. While standing outside for a smoke and a chat with your statehouse insider, an Arthur Slugworth–looking gentleman aims a lighter in your direction.

If Slugworth is as evil as he appears, his lighter could be this thing. It records video in color at 30 frames per second through a pinhole lens (it can take pictures as well), and the footage can be loaded into a computer like a regular USB drive (key for the covert operative on the run).

Of course, it’s also capable of motion-activated recording, so you may find it useful for capturing break-room discussions at your own place of business.

You’ve had your suspicions about that shifty guy in sales.


Motion-Detected Lighter Camcorder

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