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Pizza from a gas station: usually a desperation play. But a New York–style pizza joint dressed up like a gas station: a different proposition entirely. So here are the essential stats and facts about Fuel Pizza, the quick-serve slice-and-wings spot on K, soft-open as of today.

Vintage fuel pumps on the two floors, recovered from actual gas stations and farms, American Pickers–style, along with a veritable bonanza of fan belts, oil cans and mid-century gas signs.

19: Specialty pies on the menu, like the lunch-ready Veggie Whole Wheat, and the more late-night-focused Ultimate Pepperoni (two layers of the stuff).

6: Minimum number of pies you can get by the slice at any hour.

12: Varieties of wings, like Asian Chili and Hot Honey BBQ.

1: Variety of wings with an unprintable name (that would be the #!^%@< Hot! wings).

3: Obvious nods to DC in their local menu, namely Old Bay wings, the Old Bay Crab Bake Pizza and George Washington’s Cherry Pie—basically a round of pizza dough topped with cherry pie filling.

0: Number of beers you can get right now.

22: Number of beers you’ll be able to get later this week, once their license comes through.

2: Frozen cocktails that will soon be available—a frozen margarita and a slushy hard lemonade.

40: Approximate rise in the temperature—in degrees—before you’re in the mood for a slushy hard lemonade.

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