Top Hops

Hops Stop

An LES Beer Bar Where Everything Is to Go

None Giants. Packers.

Big game Sunday.

This one’s probably going to require some beer.

Unfortunately, we weren’t sure what kind of six-pack you’d want.

So we got them all.

Introducing Top Hops, a craft brew superstore (from a former Anheuser-Busch exec) that has direct access to the world’s entire beer supply, opening Saturday.

This is a bar. But then again, it isn’t.

Sure, they’ve got a 20-line tap and a black, semicircle-shaped counter to rest a pint and a basket of Martin’s Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels on. But the real draw here is the takeaway service: 64-ounce growlers. Build-your-own six-packs. All available cold and all available to go.

So this weekend (or on Super Bowl Sunday), you’ll swing by for a little pregame tailgate. Sample a pint of something you never heard of (they stock 800 bottles, including something called Founders Dirty Bastard) and split a charcuterie plate courtesy of Essex Street Market. Then, when it’s almost time for kickoff, have the barkeep cap you a couple of takeout growlers to bring home for the game.

And if they don’t currently have the beer you’re looking for, you can bet they’ll know a guy who knows a guy who knows a Belgian Trappist who can get it for you.

It’s always wise to keep a beer-brewing monk on speed dial.


Top Hops
94 Orchard St
(near Delancey St)
New York, NY, 10002

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