Great Dane

Meet the New-and-Improved Acme

Last night, before bed, you Tebowed.

Sure, it felt a little foolish, but:

A. It was almost Monday.
B. It worked against the Steelers.
C. You’ll try anything once.

Then you find out today that Acme, the NoHo Southern staple that closed last spring after 25 years, has miraculously been reborn as a sexy new bi-level dinner/lounge.

And suddenly, you’re a believer...

So the previous Acme, the one with the po’boys, hurricanes and N’awlins kitsch, is gone. In its place: a double-decker scene from the Indochine team that combines Danish-tinged comfort food with a thumping, late-night, banquetted lounge. Good trade.

Imagine an early-era Kenmare. Now imagine it was located in Denmark. You’ll enter upstairs. There’s black wood. There’s black leather. There’s a mirrored bar that’s lined with marble busts. One of them is smoking a cigarette. None of them are of you. Yet.

Stop at said bar for a Graffiti Green. It’s got bell peppers, basil and perhaps most importantly, gin. Then for dinner try the Chicken and Eggs (it’s not what you’d expect) along with the Bacon Mash (it’s exactly what you’d expect). Finish with homemade Danish donuts.

And this weekend, after the meal, when you’d usually ask for a check, instead ask for a corner table in the darkened basement. There’ll be a DJ down there till 4am.

Or seven hours after Tebow’s bedtime.


9 Great Jones St
(between Lafayette St and Broadway)
New York, NY, 10012

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