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Shackleton’s Whisky, by the Numbers

None Ernest Shackleton. You may have heard of him. Loved drink. Loved women. Led a team of British explorers closer to the South Pole than anyone had ever been in 1909. Well, a few years ago, someone went down there and tracked down a few crates of whisky he left behind. After doing some science-y things, they were able to recreate it as Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt. Here’s a taste of it, by the numbers.

Number of bottles made: 50,000
Years of scientific analysis that went into recreating the stuff: 4
Times you’ve described drinking whisky as “scientific analysis”: 4
Centiliters of the peaty early-century glory you’ll have to sip: 70
Times in life you’ve had to do a conversion for centiliters: 0
Proof amount: 94.6
Inches of beard you’ll instantly grow after the first dram: 3
Average wintertime temperature where the original bottles survived: -32.5 degrees Celsius
Times the discovery of the whisky was called “a gift from heaven”: at least 1
Satisfying-to-open small wooden crates your whisky will come in: 1
Years the original stuff was buried in permafrost: 98
Original bottles tested to create the new stuff: 3
Miles from the South Pole the whisky was discovered: about 100
Times you thought about voyaging down to look for it: undisclosed


Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland Malt

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