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A Dozen Pies at the End of Georgetown

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We hear your holidays went pretty well from a purely acquisitive perspective. You got nearly everything on your list.

You also got a few things not on your list. Like a fierce, unyielding addiction to pie (the first taste is free, but after that...).

Wouldn’t you know it, there are women here to help. They call themselves the Pie Sisters, and they’re now open in Georgetown to fight a rear-guard action against cupcake proliferation.

This shop is what you get when you take three sisters who give up careers in fashion and diplomacy to turn their attention to crusts and fillings. The space: across from the Key Bridge, small and bedecked in (naturally) brick and reclaimed wood.

Now, you’ve got two ways to go here: first, of course, you can just take a seat in the window on a lazy morning and enjoy yourself a bourbon-pecan “cuppie” (basically, a tiny pie) or a slice of chocolate cream with your coffee.

But you’ve also got bigger things in mind: playoff football (and playoff politics), the watching of which should be fueled by 9-inch-round meat pies. The sisters are baking all the time, so just give them 24 hours’ notice to turn out all the chicken pot pies and chili pies you and your pals can handle (quite a bit, actually).

You can’t fight the fever.


Pie Sisters
3423 M St NW
Washington, DC, 20007


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