Things to do for January 05, 2012

The Weekender

The Terminator, New Pizza and Adult Pop-Tarts

The weekend is packing the gymnasium.

Pizza. Keep Reading.

Pizza. Keep Reading.

Man, it’s cold. Real cold. The kind of cold that for some reason calls for chicken, applewood-smoked bacon and red onion pizza. Good news: the just-opened Ecco Pizzeria in Allston has such pies, and they’re ready to warm you up. Because sauce = warmth.

Adult Pop-Tarts and Panini Downtown

Adult Pop-Tarts and Panini Downtown

And if Allston is cold, that means the wind sweeping off the harbor is Kilimanjaro-y. So having ample Financial District options for hot mozzarella, pesto and tomato panini sandwiches—not to mention raspberry turnovers for breakfast—is key. Enter this new shop, A Time to Taste. Mmm, adult pop-tarts...

Now open, Mon-Fri, 7am-4pm, A Time to Taste, 185 Devonshire St, Ste 189, 877-900-1159

Watching The Terminator at Midnight

Watching <em>The Terminator</em> at Midnight

If the New Hampshire primary coverage has you seeing things in terms of epic battles between formidable forces, or you just associate anything political with former Gov. Schwarzenegger, you can get your Terminator fix Friday and Saturday at midnight at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. Related: Sarah Connor 2016.

$3 Mimosas and DJs with Brunch

$3 Mimosas and DJs with Brunch

Brunches the last few weeks were very holiday-ish. Now, the holidays are over. So it may be time to brunch and party, like at the Brahmin’s Social Sundays. Think: $3 mimosas, Steak and Potato Flatbreads and a live DJ. If you’re wondering, yes: dancing on the tables is encouraged.

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