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An Indian Supper Club Goes Brick-and-Mortar

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You’ve got a lot to look forward to this new year.

Health. Happiness. Maybe robots.

And with any luck, your favorite supper club will turn into a full-on restaurant.

Cue the supper club turning into a full-on restaurant...

Introducing Cardamom Hill, a new sliver of an Indian spot rising from the indelible ashes of Asha Gomez’s Spice Route Supper Club, taking reservations Friday and opening January 5 on the Westside.

Picture an Indian restaurant—red and yellow curtains, curry chicken everywhere, some guy sitting on a pillow playing a sitar. Well, this is exactly not that. What you will find, however, is a scene that looks like it was torn straight out of an old-school heritage home in Kerala.

Which means that you and your date will be inching through Goat Chops and Coconut Chicken Stew while surrounded by hand-carved wooden walls, dark leather chairs and pale green tapestries. In other words, the pre-Westernized version of India.

There’s a bar in there. Bypass this for now (the liquor license comes in February) and head for one of the dark wood tables to your left. Roasted kingfish filets rubbed with masala paste, braised oxtail over yucca-plantain mash... it’s all there for you.

And a little tip: you’ll want to ask for a glass of red or white from Asha’s personal stash until that liquor license scenario comes to fruition.

Which reminds us, Asha has a personal stash.

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