Things to do for December 29, 2011

The Weekender

New Year’s Eve: Oysters, Champagne and Blackjack

The weekend is going to be apocalyptic.

Lobster and Chocolate in Andersonville

Lobster and Chocolate in Andersonville

Avoiding the NYE melee in River North: a fine strategy. Especially when Andersonville’s Big Jones goes full-on Southern decadent with lobster bouillabaisse, chocolate bourbon beignets, turtle soup and a jazzed-up take on the South Carolina good-luck dish: red beans and rice. This has bacon foam. You feel luckier already.

Dec 31, 5pm-midnight, $65, Big Jones, 5347 N Clark St (between Balmoral and Summerdale), 773-275-5725

Ringing In 2012, Wizard of Oz–Style

Ringing In 2012, <i>Wizard of Oz</i>–Style

You want to get a group together to celebrate. A double date, maybe. You need someplace... familiar... but magical. Rebar transforms into the Land of Oz with giant flowers, colored lights, DJs, imposing pastry towers and river views. And maki. You can’t get good maki in Kansas anymore.

A Whole Night in Vegas. Only Here.

A Whole Night in Vegas. Only Here.

When you walk into this Roaring ’20s party, you’ll get $5,000 cash. It’s fake, of course, but the blackjack, craps and roulette are real. So are the braised short ribs, the premium booze and the banana crepes. You hate fake crepes.

GT Fish’s New Year’s Feast

GT Fish’s New Year’s Feast

You like the idea of NYE simplicity: oysters and a champagne toast. You also like the idea of a four-course feast with scallops, lobster agnolotti, hamachi and so forth. Then again, you also like the option of caviar, oysters, king crab and fresh truffles. So you’ll like this.

Dec 31, starting at $75, GT Fish & Oyster, 531 N Wells St (at Grand), 312-929-3501

Partying with Tom Hanks’s Kid

Partying with Tom Hanks’s Kid

Playboy’s multiroom blowout has the requisite open bar, appetizer buffet, midnight champagne, and live pop and hip-hop. But you’ll finally realize your yearlong dream: being in the same room with a dozen Bunnies and Chet Haze—Tom Hanks’s most rappingest son.

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