Guitar Hero

A Guitar, in iPad Form

None There are some ideas that transcend the concept of invention.

Creations that are a credit to the human race.

That alter the very fabric of our collective existence.

... This one, however, is a little more like a keytar.

Introducing iTar, a dock that turns your iPad into a full-on hammer of rock (also known as a guitar), available now for preorder.

If you’re picturing a full-sized fret board with buttons for each fret and a spot for you to slide your iPad into at the bottom, well... congratulations, you nailed it. (It’s like a highly advanced game of Guitar Hero.) Your iPad becomes a glorious canvas of strumming while you finger the frets just like you would a real guitar. (Monumental amounts of Townshend-like windmillery are strongly encouraged.)

You’ll stick it to the man thusly: put your iPad in the dock. Fire up the app (and by app, we mean the thing that’ll allow you to perfectly emulate any famous Santana-style or Hendrixian tones you want) and begin your inevitable march into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You’ll also be able to switch into bass, drum kit and synthesizer modes, and new stuff will be added all the time.

Maybe don’t smash this one.

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