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The Most Dubious Moments of 2011

It’s come to this. The end of 2011. It’s hard to say how history will remember the past 12 months, so just to be safe, we went ahead and memorialized a few of our favorite moments below. Mark as unread until 2030.

UD - Occupy Wall Street. Naked.

Occupy Wall Street. Naked.

It’s been hard to ignore/look away from Occupy Wall Street. Especially when a handful of the 99% decided to get down to their birthday suits. The first time it was for nude aerobics. The second: a symbolic game of strip poker. Unfortunately, we were too distracted to remember the message.

UD - Come On, Irene

Come On, Irene

It was supposed to be the end of New York. Mayor Bloomberg declared a state of emergency. Blocks were evacuated. Mass transit was suspended. Starbucks were fortified with sandbags. Then Hurricane Irene actually arrived. And it was, well, a little rainy/chilly. The lesson here: weathermen are liars.

UD -  Eating on Saddam Hussein’s China

Eating on Saddam Hussein’s China

And the 2011 award for most questionable decision involving dinner service goes to... Park Avenue Autumn. For a short time this year, it was actually possible to order an entrée here and have it served to you on a dish that once belonged to Saddam Hussein. Guy had impeccable taste in china. For a horrific mass-murdering dictator.

UD - A Topless League of Their Own

A Topless League of Their Own

There was a point this year when it looked like the NBA season wouldn’t happen. So Rick’s Cabaret decided to form a professional stripper basketball team. They hired Spud Webb to coach. They made uniforms (well, parts of uniforms). And then they realized the girls should probably stick to dancing.

UD - Sleep with Jeter, Get a Baseball

Sleep with Jeter, Get a Baseball

Apparently, a night of unbridled passion with the Yankee captain is very similar to losing on a game show. When it’s over, you get unceremoniously sent home with an assortment of door prizes. Like a signed Derek Jeter baseball. Hey, could’ve been worse. At least they weren’t signed by A-Rod.

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