Chocolate Thunder

Chocolates Worthy of the Mayans

None The clock is ticking.

Christmas is six days away, you haven’t stuffed one stocking, and you’re still recovering from a string of holiday parties. (Side note: your dance floor snow machine was a hit.)

Allow us to help.

Presenting ChocoVivo, an online sweets store based in LA, making dark chocolates the way the Mayans did it, available now.

Sure, you could easily stroll into a random chocolate shop, grab a box and be done with it. But that’s not what Christmas is about. No, it’s about getting pure chocolates straight from a Mexican farmer and having them shipped to your doorstep. At least, that’s what we understand it to be about.

Naturally, you’ve got options. There’s the 100% cocoa bar for the chocolate purist (aka your 5-year-old cousin). For the history buff, we suggest the Mayan Tradition bar with cinnamon and spicy chilies. Or you can go all Martha Stewart (cooking, not insider trading), order your own powder and make hot chocolate at home.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be getting beans from a 100-year-old family farm in Mexico, where the Mayans once grew cocoa trees. You can tell your giftee that the beans were ground with lava stones—just how the Mayans did it.

Well, minus the human sacrifice and stuff.

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