The Corn Supremacy

Beer and Bourbon Popcorns Are Here

None Popcorn.

It’s kind of weird when you think about it.

Little kernels that turn into puffy food when they get hot. It doesn’t even make sense.

Not important, though. It’s delicious. Goes great with movies. And like most things, makes a lot more sense when hard liquor is involved...

Which is probably why someone went ahead and invented Beer and Bourbon Popcorns, bite-sized nuggets of deliciousness made more so by the addition of beer from Victory Brewing and bourbon from... Kentucky, available now.

So you’ve got a lot of family and friends coming your way in the next few weeks. And that’s nice. Or maybe that’s not nice. Either way, we’re thinking some charades might be involved. Maybe a movie night here and there. Just a generally alcohol-meets-popcorn-friendly environment (which, turns out, is a thing).

You’ll hop online and peruse the Metropolitan Bakery’s website (it’s a Philly-based bakery/oddity-slinger) until you find the adult popcorn section. Your options: Victory Donnybrook Stout, Stout with Smoked Almonds and, of course, that bourbon-laced number from earlier. They have a Spiced Peanut Butter one, too.

In case your dog gets hungry.

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