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A DJ-Fueled Dinner Spot in the Design District

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Dear Lamar,

Welcome to the land of brisket tacos and Reunion Tower. You’re gonna love living in a state with no income tax.

With you, Khloe and your E! film crew being new to the city, we feel obliged to offer you some advice on something of utmost importance: dinner.

In fact, we know the ideal place to hold your inaugural dinner party: Oak, a handsome new spot in the Design District. It opens Monday.

Now, Lamar, we hope you like oak. Because this place, well... it’s oaky. The floors. The tree projected on the back wall. Even the DJ booth. Which reminds us: there’s a DJ booth.

Bring everyone joining you from LA: Khloe, Rob, a 2012 second-round draft pick. And, of course, your new friends Dirk, Cuban and a Mavs Maniac or two.

Because this is Dallas, you’ll want to get familiar with the margarita. Start with a Chayarita (made with chaya) at the marble bar. Then lead your new family to the massive VIP table hidden by a sheer curtain. If you need some Texas red meat—you do—get the rack of lamb. And ask Dirk to share his veal schnitzel.

Before long, the lights will lower and the DJ will DJ. You’ll find yourself receiving bottles of wine from new fans dining on the brown sofas.

Texas hospitality is best served in a wine glass.


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