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A New Island Retreat in Thailand

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Winter: there’s no stopping it.

It’s already rattling your windowpane. Reddening your cheeks. By mid-December, it’ll be chapping lips and taking names.

There’s only one thing to do: invest in a really great coat.

Or head for the jungle...

Welcome to Anantara Rasananda, a sprawling new beach resort off the coast of Southern Thailand, accepting reservations now.

Getting here won’t be easy—let’s just say it involves a 30-minute speedboat ride from the remote island of Koh Samui.

But that’s sort of the point. When you finally settle into your secluded beach villa, situated against a backdrop of towering palm trees and hulking boulders, brace yourself—you’re about to be pampered, jungle-style.

Day one begins in your private courtyard, where you’ll eat breakfast for two in your private plunge pool. They’ll feed you anywhere, anytime—even as you’re getting a foot massage in the open-air jungle spa. (By no means are you obligated to do this.)

When you’re prepared to venture out of doors, you’ll board the 37-foot ocean cruiser waiting to take you on a day trip around Koh Phangan and its surrounding islands. Soon, you’ll be snorkeling under the Indian Ocean, scaling mountains and riding elephants. And finally, if there’s time, you’ll follow a guide into town to take in a few rounds of muay Thai kickboxing.

Ideally as a spectator.

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