Things to do for December 08, 2011

The Weekender

Indoor Parks, Sleep No More and Pac-Man Dumplings

Don’t stop the weekend, hold on to that feeeeeeelin’.

Whole-Duck Dinners at the Breslin

Whole-Duck Dinners at the Breslin

First, there was whole roasted suckling pig. And it was good. Then the carnivorous chefs at the Breslin got the bright idea to try duck. And it was good-er. Served for groups of eight to 12, the bird is glazed in balsamic and accompanied by a myriad of sides. Also dessert. But you won’t have room.

Warming Up Inside an Indoor Park

Warming Up Inside an Indoor Park

Dark. Cold. Rainy. Perfect park weather if you’re in Nolita, where Openhouse has once again opened up their annual indoor patch of grass known as Park Here. This year, there’ll be an “outdoor” series, rotating food carts, BBQs, wine tastings and hammocks. Also, a 0.00% chance of snow.

Winning at Holiday Shopping

Winning at Holiday Shopping

Here’s a happy coincidence: Theory is having a huge sale this weekend (to the tune of 65% off). You were going to do your holiday shopping this weekend. Demand, meet supply. And everyone on your gift list, meet your new zip wool cardigan.

Dec 8-9, 8am-8pm; Dec 10-11, 10am-6pm; Theory, 139 5th Ave, 212-398-2777

Sleep No More: The Bar

<em>Sleep No More</em>: The Bar

Welcome to the McKittrick Hotel. Home to the creepy performance piece known as Sleep No More (you know, the one with the Venetian masks and witch orgies). Also, a jazzy/David Lynch-ian theater bar that, starting tomorrow, will be open post-show to the public. Perfect if your usual watering hole lacks naked torch singers.

Dim Sum Brunch Comes to RedFarm

Dim Sum Brunch Comes to RedFarm

You could use a brief interlude from bacon and eggs. So allow us to suggest kung pao dumplings, now being served (along with foodstuffs like Katz’s pastrami egg rolls and Pac-Man-shaped shrimp shumai) on a brunch dim sum cart at RedFarm. ’80s arcade characters never tasted so good.

Sat-Sun, 11am-3pm, RedFarm, 529 Hudson St, 212-792-9700

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