High Concept

A Floating Camera That Should Be Real

None The best thing about most of the stuff we bring you: you can get it. Right now. But occasionally something comes across our desks that’s such a game-changer, we just have to tell you, despite its... availability issues. Hence “High Concept,” where we dig deeper into a product concept we hope will one day become a reality.

In Los Angeles, life doesn’t happen unless somebody gets it on camera.

So while the paparazzi are sometimes helpful, you need an arrangement that’s a little more... comprehensive.

Consider the wonder of SEED, a little orb of a hovering camera that’ll follow you around and make the most thorough slideshow of your life ever, available... one day. Maybe.

Picture your next trip to Germany. Or your next trip to Biergarten. (Tomato, tomahto.) Either way, your experience would be vastly improved with SEED, floating overhead a few feet behind you—there to capture endless images of you suavely summoning rooftop hefeweizens and pretzels, and any chance run-ins with Heidi Klum.

It’ll beam the images to your friends, relatives and any interested members of the press—along with that delicious pretzel smell, sort of like a scratch-and-sniff camera. (If you’re wondering how they’ll do that, let’s just say they’re still working out the details.)

And if you and Heidi get lost, this thing will have GPS built in, so it can help you get around much like a smartphone.

Or you could just use your smartphone.

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