High Concept

Introducing the Virtual Reality Car

None The best thing about most of the stuff we bring you: you can get it. Right now. But occasionally something comes across our desks that’s such a game-changer, we just have to tell you, despite its... availability issues. Hence “High Concept,” where we dig deeper into a concept product that we’re really rooting for.

Your car is great, really. But it’s far from perfect.

It doesn’t hover, for one. It never drives itself, no matter how much you beg. Its interior just won’t double as a virtual reality environment.

Also: the sunroof sometimes sticks.

Here to take care of all of that (in good time): Aeon Project, a vision of what your totally autonomous car of the future will look like.

This is like a sci-fi mashup of Mork from Ork’s spaceship and the computer systems from Minority Report.

The first thing you need to know about your eventual ride: it looks like a big transparent egg. True, that makes it tough to paint flames on, but you won’t be drag-racing it much. You see, unless you’re really hankering for some clutch time, the car (and this is the second thing) does most of the driving for you.

Third, the entire interior canopy is basically a giant 3D computer monitor that lets you find the next spot for roadside beef jerky, socially network with your friends (or your jerky chef), even create a virtual environment to pass the time.

Something involving a young Sophia Loren and a giant ball pit, maybe.

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