High Concept

Introducing the Smokeless Home Smoker

None 2012: the future. Also: mere days away. That being the case, we thought we’d let you know what you’re in for. Submitted for your approval: a concept that could change the very fabric of your daily existence... if it’s ever made.

Today’s topic is smoked meats.

Specifically: the indefensible lack of them being produced in your household.

This just cannot stand.

So here’s something to help... someday.

Introducing the idea of the La Vobla Home Smokery, an electric indoor meat-smoker for your kitchen that produces no smoke at all, hopefully available in the not-too-distant future.

Your place: great. You love it. Everyone does. But it’s missing that certain backyard-dug-out-fire-pit-in-rural-Texas kind of quality that’s normally necessary to produce mouthwatering pulled-pork experiences. Hence, this thing: a fish-shaped, fully filtered smoking device that takes a handful of wood chips and will, if ever actually created, churn out the kind of slow-cooked deliciousness that spontaneous moves to Memphis are made of.

The method: you’ll open it up and insert your smokables (veggies, fish, chicken, and the big prizes, beef and pork). Then, you toss a few wood chips—hickory, applewood, chopped dining table, whatever’s handy—into a small compartment in the side. Then you set it and wait. Then: meat happens. Smoked meat. It is so—right there in your face, awaiting a plate or a perfectly soft bun of some kind. The smoke: it’s been taken care of by filters.

Because it’s the future.

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