Lens Crafter

Giving Your Phone New Eyes

None Your phone.

These days, also your de facto digital camera.

But sometimes you wish you had a proper lens to capture the moment. Or, say, three of them. On a dial. Built into your phone’s case.

Take a guess where we’re headed here...

Presenting the iPhone Lens Dial, your new way to up your available iPhone lens cache by three, available now.

We imagine the genesis of this wonder product went something like this: a person walked into the eye doctor’s office for a checkup. While there, he started trying to think of a way for his phone’s camera to offer multiple lenses. Just then, the doctor entered and began switching lenses on that eye-machine thing with the dials. Eureka.

So the next time you’re moonlighting as a private detective à la Bored to Death, you’ll want to take this with you. When you’ve got the mark in your sight (a billionaire’s cheating mistress), you’ll snap on this case and choose from three lenses—wide-angle, telephoto and fish-eye—by rotating the dial (note: go fish-eye, obviously).

It also comes with a tripod mount, which is handy for those days when you’re photographing Ansel Adams-esque landscape portraits of the Southwest.

Or when you’re shooting your dog playing the piano.

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