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Alma Cocina, by the Numbers

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Bit of an Indian fall we’ve got going here. Mid-60s in December. Not bad. But soon enough, you’ll need someplace warm. Dark. And preferably with way too much tequila and duck confit tostadas floating around. We found that place for you...

It’s called Alma Cocina. It opens tomorrow. And below is only what you need to know.

Number of tequilas at your beck and call: 59
Number of tequilas you will both beck and call: 59
Approximate Scoville heat units in the Braised Goat Huarache: a lot
Respective numbers of mezcals and rums to extinguish the fire with: 12/30
Number of giant Texas longhorn heads in the dining room: 1
Percent chance you’ll win a staring contest against it: 0%
Number of bars: 2
Number of bars in the shadow of the biggest Christmas tree ever: 1
Guatemalan chocolate kettles repurposed into light fixtures: 3
Agave plants repurposed into chandeliers: 1
Number of ceviches on the menu: 2
Number of ice cubes infused with things like pineapple, dragon fruit and maple-caramel: 3
Percentage of said cubes rendered useless unless you pour tequila over them: 100%
Seconds it will take to decide on the Roasted Chicken Mole Oaxaca: 1.7
Number of margaritas your date will be licking salt from: 4
Number of licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop: the world may never know

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