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A Chalet from 007’s Personal Instructor

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Roger Moore.

You gotta hand it to the guy: he inspired some epic vacations.

Backpacking in Thailand. Barefoot waterskiing on Lake Placid. That time you attempted moonraking.

And now: renting out all of Chalet Seven, a handsome new ski lodge in the Swiss Alps (with room for 30) run by Roger Moore’s personal ski instructor, taking reservations now.

Step one: rewatch The Spy Who Loved Me. Step two: round up 29 fellow downhill enthusiasts (or one special person worth sharing an entire ski lodge with). Step three: meet your host, Jorg Romang—he was Roger’s ski sensei for 15 years, and has shepherded the likes of Bono and Prince William down the treacherous slopes of Crans-Montana.

Jorg’s mission: tailoring to your every desire. (Well, almost.) Tell him you’re looking to train for the Iditarod, and he’ll plan a husky ride. Hint that you’ve always wanted to spot a snow leopard in the wild, and he’ll arrange a nighttime safari. Mention you’re ready to ski (that’s why you’re here, after all), and he’ll send you down 87 miles of wide-open pistes.

You’ll decompress with a few cocktails, then hit the spa’s 24-seat, gold-plated jacuzzi (because 23 seats would be unacceptable), before a quick movie in the private screening room.

No word on if they have Cannonball Run.

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