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Great word.


Anyway, it’s just kind of been on our minds lately. And something tells us you’ll be pondering its virtues in the very near future as well.

Behold the inevitable rise of STK, the NYC-based coliseum of red meat and vodka, opening December 15 in Midtown and taking reservations starting Monday.

You’ve heard about this place. It’s the one they started hyping 167 years ago. The so-called “steakhouse for women.” Well, that’s kind of true. The steaks come in small, medium and large. The cocktails have things like strawberries, blackberries and... graham crackers.

But upon further inspection, you’ll find the pendulum also swings swiftly in your direction. Start by breezing through those towering glass doors on the corner of 12th and Peachtree. There’s a bar to your right, with hundreds of white horns protruding out of the wall above it. Bypass this... for now.

Because you and the rest of your retinue are headed up to the back room, where a sea of white leather banquettes awaits. Get some Foie Gras French Toast going. Start thinking about how good your Bulleit Manhattan will look sidled up next to a 34-ounce cowboy steak.

And then, when the time’s right... find that bar again. It’ll look a bit different. The DJ: spinning. The cherry cosmos: attracting the right crowd. You: also attracting the right crowd.

Timing really is everything.


1075 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA, 30309


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