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Mosto and Tacolicious II, by the Numbers

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Getting more Mexican food in the Mission is like getting another dim sum shop in the heart of Chinatown. But add a giant roster of tequila and mezcal, and this starts to make sense. Welcome Mosto and Tacolicious II, a side-by-side tequila sanctuary and upscale taco spot, now open on Valencia. Below, what you need to know...

0: Number of burritos on the Tacolicious II menu.
30: Seats in the enclosed outdoor patio.
 Approximate number of mason jars on the ceiling of Mosto.
5: Rough percentage of those jars that are filled with money, pain pills and condoms.
6: Elevated tables opposite the bar at Mosto.
50: Votives flickering on the wall above those tables.
1: U-shaped booth at the very back corner in Mosto.
300: Total tequila, mezcal and sotol selections at Mosto.
50: Percentage of that selection available at Tacolicious.
20: Steps from the bar at Tacolicious to the bar at Mosto.
1: Number of spits you’ll pass en route that are slow-roasting pork.
147: Price in dollars of a 5-ounce carafe of their most expensive tequila (Don Julio Real).
1: Bottle of mezcal with a scorpion in it.
2: Worms in a bottle of La Penca mezcal.
11: Cocktails (including three margaritas) available by the pitcher.
1-to-1: The recommended minimum pitcher-to-taco ratio.

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