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Caviar from Joël Robuchon’s Guys

None Your Thanksgiving weekend was a triumph of the human spirit.

Turkey: had. Football: watched. Family: survived. Leftover fatigue: conquered.

And yet, caviar: ... nowhere to be found.

We won’t let that happen again.

Introducing En-K de Caviar, a portable roe normally reserved for Michelin-starred restaurants, available for spontaneous caviaring purposes now.

This is probably France’s greatest export since the sexy maid. It’s just enough rare osetra sturgeon to keep the caviar shakes at bay—all from the same folks who supply Joël Robuchon with his stock. (You know, the guy with more Michelin stars than any other chef alive.) So, yeah, it’s pretty tasty.

It’s a beautiful thing, really. A small, discreet tin, about the size of a saltshaker. You’ll slide open the lid to reveal the golden brown osetra or kristal caviar within. Oh, and it comes with a tiny spoon as well. (You’re not a savage, after all.)

We can see it now. It’s about noon. You’re feeling a caviar jones coming on. But as far as you know, the movie theater’s concession stand is limited to sevruga. So you whip this bad boy out and spoon out some sturgeon...

A blini holster can’t be far behind.

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