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Sushi and Karaoke in South Beach

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Look: you’re about to enter a six-week maelstrom of crazy.

Family. Holiday parties. The mornings after holiday parties.

So you want to go in prepared. We’re thinking you go ahead, treat yourself... and head to a bordello.

You know, for some sushi and karaoke.

Welcome to Sho Room, an intimate-yet-raucous hideaway of sushi and live music, now open in SoFi.

So yeah, it looks like a bordello, albeit one that happens to serve sushi—red walls, red bar stools, a black onyx bar and a red baby grand from when this place was Cozy Piano Bar. (If you came to the Gypsy Kings’ crowded live music nights there, you’ll be pleased to know they’re still happening here.)

Your game plan: Sunday night. Start off with drinks at the bar—a Royal Party for your date (cognac, lychee, lemongrass), a Miami Breeze for you (gin, grapefruit, lavender). And when you inevitably get hungry, go for rolls like the SoBe made with snow crab, asparagus and blue cheese. And soon, a rollicking Brazilian karaoke party will break out...

Be sure to fuel up for “Take on Me.”


Sho Room
500 S Pointe Dr
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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