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Beer Mussels and Cocktails in the Thompson

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If Holden Caulfield were out schmoozing with agents, he’d—well, actually, that would never happen.

If J.D. Salinger took a meeting about a film adaptation of Catcher in the—well, that would totally never happen either.

Note: none of this should get between you and your beer mussels.

Welcome to Caulfield’s, a literary-minded new industry spot doubling as a low-key place to grab some grub, now open inside the Thompson Beverly Hills.

When you first walk in, you’ll feel like it’s been here forever—think striped floors, white-painted brick and a sturdy mahogany bar, with the loose vibe you know from the owners’ other spots (Magnolia, Bar Chloe).

So if you had a late night polishing your sequel pitch, Jack and Jill... and Jane (it’s not going well), start here with some coffee and brioche french toast topped with bourbon maple syrup. There are a million big agencies nearby, so guard your pages. Or not.

But really, we see you coming after work, maneuvering past that bar—yeah, you’ve got time for a 23-Year-Old Fashioned, made with 23-year rum and chocolate bitters—for a roomy booth in the back room.

On your table: beer-soaked mussels if it’s business/friends, or the rib eye for two if it’s a date. Over your shoulder: a large mural including Jack Kerouac, Dorothy Parker and... J.D. Salinger.

We suggest catching a tumbler of rye.


at the Thompson Beverly Hills
9360 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA, 90212


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