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You know how it goes.

You’re hungry for steak. Your friend in accounting: craving queso. And as for your fencing coach... she wants sushi. (Related: you have a fencing coach.)

Your choices:

(A) Split up.
(B) Drive all over town finding something for everyone.
(C) Come to this place.

Meet Mr Mesero, a new margarita den that’s not afraid to bring you the occasional California roll, now open in the old Burger Girl space.

This is the type of place where you can get just about anything you want: pork sandwiches. Queso topped with corn bread. Sushi.

Now, we know this might cross some lines, but we implore you to trust this guy. After all, he brought you Mi Cocina—and more importantly, the Mambo Taxi—so you’re in good hands at Mr Mesero. (Which, by the way, translates to Mr. Waiter.)

Some may come here and play by the traditional Tex-Mex rules: smother a barbacoa taco in guacamole; sip on a Mico Rita. That’s fine. But you’re not one to take the easy route, so you’ll chase your queso with the Rose Burger (double meat, double cheese) and a California roll. Then wash it all down with their version of the Mambo Taxi, an ultra-strong sangria-spiked margarita dubbed El Santo.

Which happens to be your competitive salsa dancing name.

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