Oh, Darling

A New Hotel, in a Casino, with a Momofuku

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Pork belly: worth traveling for the good stuff. Especially the David-Chang-of-Momofuku-fame good stuff.

What that used to mean: a small pocket of Lower Manhattan.

What that now means: Australia.

Allow us to present The Darling, a brand-new, 171-room hotel attached to the Star casino—which also happens to house Seiōbo, Chang’s first Momofuku outpost outside New York—taking reservations now.

Now, this place looks a little like one of those high-design, all-glass condo buildings you’d find on Oz’s Gold Coast (or Miami Beach). But this is within walking distance of the Sydney Opera House.

So after you’ve checked into your room—the Stellar suite, naturally—you’ll want to head to the spa for a massage (that layover in LA was brutal). Then, relax with a scotch at the adults-only pool and plan a loose itinerary: easing in with some craps before hitting the poker tables.

And if you’re thinking of a little Bondi surf excursion, you’ll want to fuel up the night before with your date at a couple of Seiōbo’s 30 seats. You’ll be going in for 15 courses of Australian ingredients like spanner and swimmer crab, warrigal greens puree and grilled trumpeter belly. Plus, a few rounds of pork buns.

You need at least 17 courses before attempting athletics.

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