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Tex-Mex and Jai Alai in Highland Park

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Phew. That was close. The era of the two-sport athlete nearly came to an end.

Deion: pitching DirecTV. Bo Jackson: plays mostly in Tecmo Bowl.

But today, we bring you a rare talent: an Olympic jai alai player... who’s also a competitive queso maker.

Presenting Fernando’s, a new den of fajitas and jai alai, now open.

You might have shaken hands with Fernando at his North Dallas location. (We know you never forget a grip.) But just in case, here’s some background: born in Mexico. Played jai alai on Mexico’s Olympic team. (It was an exhibition, but still.) Moved to Texas and started an enchilada empire. You know, that old story.

This second-level spot is tucked away off Travis—just follow the scent of chile con queso (or the winding staircase by Villa-O).

If you’re here for a margarita, grab a table on the terrace. But if you’re discussing your Christmas party budget with the CFO, settle into the side room with jai alai baskets on the wall. Order a couple Filete Pedregals (a Mexican beef filet) as you justify the snow machine budget. You may notice a photo of a jai alai gladiator by your table—that’s Fernando’s dad on the 1932 world champion team.

He was kind of a big deal.


4514 Travis St, Ste 201
Dallas, TX, 75205


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