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Experimenting with Cocktails on the UWS

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Today, we’re going to drop a little science on you.

So bring some safety goggles.

And let us know if you’d prefer it straight up or extra dirty.

Meet Slightly Oliver, an all-the-way-on-the-UWS bar that’s using an in-house chemistry set to create the cocktails of tomorrow, now open.

If Einstein were alive and actively playing the field, this is the kind of cozy workshop he’d do his courting in. Lots of brick. Lots of candles. And a glass-enclosed wine cellar/laboratory way in the back where every elixir, infusion, reduction and rum punch gets synthesized.

Ideally, you’ll want to occupy one of the curtained-off booths in the back. They offer the most privacy and the best view of all the interconnected test tubes, beakers, burners and bendy straws (also known by their technical name, twisty straws).

Now, just about every concoction—from the secret-formula Negroni to the fermented-grape Goblin Punch—comes courtesy of the chemistry set. But if you really want to put the thing through its paces, ask for a patented food cocktail like the Slightly Green Martini (with dill elixir and green pepper reduction) or the Thai-takeout-in-a-highball NYC and the Orient.

Imagine what this could do for the three-martini lunch.


Slightly Oliver
511 Amsterdam Ave
(between 84th and 85th)
New York, NY, 10024


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