Setting Up Campo

Wine and Short Ribs in Oak Cliff

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Today, we’re addressing the essentials of any great first date:

Low lighting. An abundance of wine. The opportunity to say, “We’ll have the shaved vanilla tripe with parsley.”

Okay, that last one isn’t mandatory. But should you require it anyway...

Meet Campo, an intimate new cove of chorizo and wine in an old Oak Cliff house, soft-opening tonight with beer and wine.

This is like a warm cottage perched up in Texas Hill Country—sky-blue walls lined with stuffed burlap sacks and a bar made from wood off a barn in Waco. Yes, the city of love (and great barn wood).

Inside you’ll find all the amenities required of an evening for two: small tables lit with candles. A menu with a section titled “Pastas.” A few handmade wooden bar stools that look like Jenga towers—perfect for your predinner Campo Piscos (made with egg whites).

You’ll want to request the table near the back wall, under the canvas with knives and forks sticking out. (You might need backup silverware for the chorizo.) You’ll start with a couple Gin Pepper Mash Ups (think bell peppers drowning in gin). If you’re craving pasta, go with the Oxtail Orecchiette. But if you want something heartier, your move is the Cinnamon Short Ribs.

No word on the Nutmeg Lamb Shank.

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