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A Late-Night Tequila Barn on the LES

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You’ve never fancied yourself much of a farmer.

But when an old barn appears on the LES, you’re understandably curious.

And that’s even before you found out it was packed to the rafters with tequila lobster taquitos.

Introducing Viktor & Spoils, a late-night den of Mexican delights in the Hotel on Rivington where the floor, walls, ceiling and bar once belonged to an actual Vermont dairy barn, opening Thursday.

If a taco truck crashed into the world’s largest pile of reclaimed farm wood, you’d end up with this place (or a gigantic fire). There’s an entryway fashioned out of flattened food-cart metal and a wall made of brightly backlit bottles of Jarritos. Oh, and nachos. Lots and lots of nachos.

But before you start in with the food, belly up to the horseshoe-shaped bar and order an Oaxacan Dream (a tall mezcal concoction that tastes like grilled pineapple). Unless, of course, you have a real thing for margaritas and $69 burning a hole in your wallet. Then spring for the Decadent Daisy, made with 100th-anniversary Grand Marnier and 1942 Don Julio.

And when you’re ready for food, don’t bother with the menu. Either ask the bartender to pair your drink with a dish (hopefully Cactus Tempura Tacos) or opt for the build-your-own nachos.

It’s like a make-your-own-sundae bar, but with more homemade chorizo.


Viktor & Spoils
105 Rivington St
(between Ludlow and Essex)
New York, NY, 10002


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