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An Igloo-Style Bar in Fort Laud

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We’d like to start your week off with the weather forecast.

High: 82 degrees. Low: 62 degrees. Chance of ice: 100%.

About that last part...

Moving into the tropics: Tundra, an igloo-style restaurant frosted with ice sculptures and serving up seafood and game meats, opening tomorrow in Fort Lauderdale.

This is where you’ll go when you need proof that winter is really upon us (despite the incessant pool parties). Pick up a homesick snow bunny, head north to Las Olas and stop at a patio that looks like a chisel-happy ice sculptor got ahold of it... which is exactly what happened.

The owner operates an ice creations business—at night you’ll see nearly-five-foot-tall ice figures, lit by LEDs and shaped like flower-lined Parisian columns or abstract swooshes. Or request a silver-glittered, customizable centerpiece. (“I am a golden god”: totally doable.)

Inside, the place is decked out with infinity mirrors, ice fishbowls mounted on the walls and eight-foot imitation icicles dangling from the ceiling. Start at the double-sided bar table for small plates like ceviche (served over dry ice) and extra-chilled martinis (made with three-ounce ice spheres, naturally). When it’s time for dinner, grab a booth by the wide-open kitchen and summon your waiter for entrées like roasted game hen and oxtail ravioli. Just know that despite the ice, the dining room is kept above 70 degrees.

The optimal temperature for oxtail consumption.


1017 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33301


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