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Crashing at Branson’s Ski Lodge

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There’s only one problem with renting out an entire Swiss ski chalet...

Actually, there’s no problem with it.

But hey, if you’re forced to share the place with a handful of inviting strangers... you’ll go with it.

Welcome to The Lodge at Verbier, Richard Branson’s ski palace in the Swiss Alpine clouds, opening briefly for single-room stays in December, taking reservations now.

Normally, if you want to stay here, you’d have to rent Sir Richard’s entire 18-room cabin. But for 11 wild days, he’s splitting it up into nine separate hotel rooms, including a pair of Jacuzzi-equipped master suites peering out at snow-capped mountains. Among them: Mont Blanc—the highest in the Alps.

Your ski options: impeccable. There are four surrounding valleys, which you’ll conquer by downhill ski, by guided off-piste cross-country tour or by heli-ski. (Decisions, decisions.) Also acceptable: paragliding over the majestic Matterhorn before scaling deadly glaciers with an ice pick. Or storming the chalet’s indoor ice rink for a “Miracle on Ice rematch with a ragtag band of Russian oligarchs.

Following an endorphin-draining day outdoors, you’ll recharge with a massage, perhaps a four-course meal from the private chef and maybe a bottle or two from Branson’s personal wine cellar.

Just be sure to leave a thank-you note.


The Lodge at Verbier
Chemin de Plénadzeu 3
Verbier, 1936
+44 0 208 600 0430
official website


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