Crayola + Fire = This

None Prometheus, as Greek mythology tells it, stole fire from Zeus and gave it to the people.

Not a bad move (as legend-creation goes). But the time has come for a new Greek god to rise (you). Only instead of stealing fire, you’re going to present it to the people in Technicolor...

Introducing the Fireplace Flame Coloring Kit, basically like combining a roaring fire with a box of crayons, available now.

Instead of burning a chemically treated Vanity Fair (those tend to have some nice green flames), the next time you’re standing before your Charles Foster Kane-esque fireplace and thinking, “This is great, but I just want a raging blue inferno,” you’ll pull out this chemicals kit.

Step one: slather your chosen color (it comes with blue, green, red and orange) on the woodpile before you. Step two: get the fire going and toss in your painted logs. Boom: instant colory fire. (Grandma will be impressed.)

And should you be sitting by the fire next to a date and an open bottle of red, you’ll also want to pull out the included jar of stuff (that’s a technical term) that makes your fireplace crackle with sparks.

Generating sparks has always been your specialty.


Fireplace Flame Coloring Kit

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