In the Bedroom

A Bed That Has Everything

None You’ve had some glorious moments in bed.

Triumphant displays of skill, finesse and, when necessary, dominance.

And that’s just when you’re eating breakfast there.

Which brings us to HiCan, a bed that meets all your wildest home-entertainment desires, available for sleepovers now.

Imagine all the high-tech gadgetry you’ve ever required. Now imagine it all seamlessly crammed into a fully automated, Italian-designed canopy bed that looks like something George Clooney-Jetson might sleep in. Now you’ve got the idea.

We begin our tour of this ridiculous spectacle with the retractable high-definition projector, hooked up to the obligatory in-bed sound system. We continue with the strategically placed LED reading and mood lights, and move on to the Xbox 360. Finally, we arrive at the power blinds, for total privacy and immersion in your movie, game or... don’t make us say it. (Making forts.) All of it can be controlled using your iPhone, your iPad or a separate remote (we wouldn’t want you getting up).

So picture it: it’s Sunday morning. You’ve just finished reading The Rum Diary (or watching the movie version) in perfect lighting conditions. Your pancake delivery guy: on his way. Then, you activate the screen for the game—Troy Aikman’s suiting commentary blaring from all directions. Your head never leaves the pillow.

Yes, they can put one in your office.

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