Take a Bow

Never Lose a Snowball Fight Again

C7b1eb752426b45406e28e497704c74cThis weekend’s unexpected snowfall has you thinking about a few things.

Snow angels.


And, of course, snowball fights. Fought with snowball-firing crossbows.

So you’ll want to take a look at the Crossbow Snow Launcher, your new way to regress 15 or 20 years in age when doing battle in the snow, available online now.

Before we go on, let’s get a couple of things straight. Yes, this thing is a tad juvenile, and furthermore, your days of buying the latest plastic-based technology for frolicking in the snow are probably long behind you. Having said that, this thing is a crossbow that launches snowballs.

So the next time you find yourself walking right into a furious snowball fight (November 15, high noon), you’ll be glad you happened to have this in your bag. (It weighs only two and a half pounds, so it’s one of the lighter crossbows you’ve ever owned.)

Start by taking cover, amassing a pile of well-packed snowballs (ideally in a pyramid configuration), load this baby up and find your first target. Once you pull the lever back slingshot-style and fire, it can hit transgressors up to 60 feet away (which isn’t all that far for you, but this is a toy we’re talking about).

It even comes with a snowball press to help create perfect snowballs.

Or you could just make them by hand.


Crossbow Snow Launcher

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