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Coffee, Now in Air Form

None Your daily caffeine intake: right up there with oxygen.

But when it comes to the various methodologies by which to administer said caffeine (sorry, that came off doctor-y), you’ve got options.

Drinking coffee. Slamming energy drinks.

Inhaling a fine powder that dissolves instantly in your mouth...

Introducing the AeroShot, 100 milligrams of pure caffeine crammed into a tiny inhaler-like capsule for your puff-puff-giving enjoyment, now doling out free samples and scheduled to launch online in a month.

Before we go any further, yes, this actually works. But more on that in a minute. First, a little background: the concept was created by a Harvard professor/writer/evil genius by the name of David Edwards. All right, enough background.

What you’re dealing with here is a pocket-sized tube filled with the equivalent of one large cup of coffee. Pull the green side to open it, put the gray side in your mouth and puff in the aforementioned powder (don’t worry, it pretty much just feels like air). We have to warn you, though, the taste is... less than desirable.

But no matter, because after a few puffs from this thing you’ll have enough energy to learn six languages, create an ice sculpture of David Hasselhoff and break a full stable of pissed-off horses.

Not at all actually, but it’ll definitely get you through your next conference call.

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