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Michel Richard’s Ode to Meatballs

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The tail end of your 2011 is shaping up pretty well, it turns out. The Caps haven’t lost. The Muppets are coming back.

And thanks to Michel Richard, your days and nights are now full of meatballs.

Introducing the ever-so-directly named Meatballs, expected to open by early next week to give you the spherical protein fix you’ve been craving (and an ever-present setup for punch lines involving balls).

This is like an Italian grandmother’s kitchen, if you replaced the Italian grandmother with a rotund Frenchman (it’s okay, he’s our rotund Frenchman).

Walking in, you’ll notice the giant “Balls” sign painted onto the exposed brick. Once that has your attention, you can move on to selecting exactly which orbs you’d care to sample.

Your options: old-fashioned red-meat balls, as well as chicken, lamb and veggie lentil varieties, each coming on a roll or with spaghetti. And before you can take a seat at one of the small café tables, you’ll also have to choose whether you’d like any toppings (cheese, roasted peppers, Fritos) or sides (the chef’s famous take on tater tots).

Now, we’d guess you’ll normally be here for a lunch/early dinner play, but Richard is planning to give you reason to trek downtown on Sunday, too—in the form of a giant stockpot filled with enough takeout meatballs, spaghetti and salad to feed 10.

Pete Schweddy could not be reached for comment.


656 E St NW
Washington, DC, 20004


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