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A Brand-New Distillery in Harbor Country

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Picking apples. Drinking fresh apple cider. Hey, not a bad way to spend a brisk autumn afternoon in Michigan.

Of course, there’s something to be said for drinking fresh whiskey, too.

So we present Journeyman Distillery, a new maker of organic whiskeys and—as of yesterday—vodka, now open in Three Oaks, Michigan.

We bring this to your attention because we hear you’re looking for a way to spend a peaceful afternoon away from the maddening crowds—as long as it’s, you know, not too far away. Maybe, oh, an hour and a half from downtown. Three Oaks fits the bill.

The distillery is in a creaky old building that once made corsets and buggy whips—this was before the collapse of the Victorian dominatrix market. But with barn-wood walls and a shiny pot still, it has a certain Logan Square thing going on.

You can take a distillery tour in November, and by Thanksgiving you should be able to get its Ravenswood Rye (named after the Chicago neighborhood), W.R. Whiskey (a moonshine) and the new Red Arrow vodka in Chicago.

But if you want to get a taste early—i.e., now—pull up a seat in the tasting room bar for a White Manhattan made with white lightning, or an O.C.G. made with whiskey, local apple cider and cinnamon.

We can’t keep you off that cider.

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