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Five Bizarre Halloween Candies

Halloween: so close you can almost taste it. And by it we mean candy. You’ll probably have more than your share of the classics over the next couple weeks, so we ventured deep into the world of confections to find some of the more exotic sweets in the world. Expect meat.

Scorpion Brittle

Scorpion Brittle

What It Is: Toffee-flavored amber candy (read: not toffee, and clear) with an honest-to-God dead scorpion at the center (yes, you’re expected to eat it, in all its crunchiness). Seems like a natural Halloween favorite.
From: California.
Good For: Anyone in a white satin jacket with a toothpick in his mouth.

Smoked Salmon Candy

Smoked Salmon Candy

What It Is: Well, it’s salmon. Sliced and brined with honey and spices and then smoked on alder or cherrywood. Yep, that’s salmon candy, all right.
From: Alaska.
Good For: Halloween parties with bear costumes; unsuccessful fishing trips in the Northwest.

Spicy Mexican Lollipops

Spicy Mexican Lollipops

What It Is: The Mexican answer to the spicy atomic Warhead—mango-flavored suckers coated in chili powder. And you know courage is required to consume “the Mexican answer to” anything.
From: Mexico.
Good For: Tricks.

Haggis Chocolate Truffles

Haggis Chocolate Truffles

What It Is: A blend of nutmeg, mace, black pepper and oatmeal with chocolate—made to get as close as possible to the flavor of Scotland’s sheep-stomach-and-heart-based delicacy.
From: Scotland.
Good For: The guy who considers a kilt a costume.

Pork Candy

Pork Candy

What It Is: Pieces of pork steak smoked with brown sugar. Flirting right on the edge of just being jerky, but sweet enough to be considered meat candy. And you’re not going to turn down meat candy.
From: Oregon, naturally.
Good For: Frustrated werewolves; dessert course in all-jerky Halloween tasting menus.

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