Fright Night

Eating Weird Things for Halloween

We must say, we’ve noticed you haven’t always taken this Halloween thing seriously. The plastic fangs passing as a costume. The chocolate eggs and Peeps passing as Halloween candy.

It’s time to atone. In thought, word and deed. And eats. Herewith, some of the oddest and most macabre ways to indulge and imbibe over Halloween weekend.

Fried Grasshoppers. In a Taco.

Fried Grasshoppers. In a Taco.

Through November 2, José Andrés’s ode to Mexico is dishing up a Day of the Dead menu. Which is fine, but you’ll also want to save room for some insects. In the form of sautéed grasshoppers with tequila and guacamole. And probably some more tequila.
Humble Costume Suggestion: David Carradine, circa Kung Fu

The Blood Bag Cocktail at Lost Society

The Blood Bag Cocktail at Lost Society

You’ve got the thirst. Enter Lost Society, where you can drink from the living on the roof deck. Er, no. Where you can get this bloody-looking drink, made with gin, agave, orange bitters and something called “blood puree.” Oh, and a candy finger sticking out of it. A souvenir of your prey. Or of your drinking.
Humble Costume Suggestion: Dr. Gregory House

Through Oct 31, Lost Society, 2001 14th St NW, 202-618-8868

The Eyeball Lychee Martini

The Eyeball Lychee Martini

That Abe Lincoln zombie costume you pulled off? Genius. But this year, Abe’s bar is hosting a costume party with small bites and cocktails like the Eyeball Lychee Martini, an evil concoction of white whiskey, lychee puree, Cointreau and lemon. Oh, and a whole lychee. That looks like an eyeball.
Humble Costume Suggestion: Indiana Jones, circa Temple of Doom

Roasted Goat and Hog at Poste

Roasted Goat and Hog at Poste

A pagan feast day like this should really bring out your primal instincts. Viking instincts, even. Like dining on whole mammals at Poste’s annual Ghost Roast. Think goats and pigs, along with bourbon cider and pumpkin ale. You’ll toast to victory.
Humble Costume Suggestion: Hagar the Horrible

Wild Scottish Hare at Fiola

Wild Scottish Hare at Fiola

The special-occasion Italian spot is giving you an occasion—Halloween—and a tasting menu to match. Called the Dinner to Die For, this is where you and the Bride of Frankenstein will nibble on crab toasts with spicy chilies, royal dorade and, to top it off, wild Scottish hare.
Humble Costume Suggestion: Roger Rabbit

Oct 31, 5pm-close, $70, Fiola, 601 Pennsylvania Ave NW, reserve at 202-628-2888, see the menu

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