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Candy Made with Wine

None Two weeks from today: a big day for candy.

Today: a big day for wine-enhanced candy.

Because we’re introducing you to Wild Fennel Candied Valencia Orange Rinds, possibly the only candy on earth made in part by using old wine barrels, available now.

Here’s what you need to know. The candied orange rinds are produced by a gourmet jam maker in Southern California who sources the citrus from a family farm near Santa Barbara. The bright peels are coated with a fennel syrup and then tossed in sugar.

Now, we won’t get too deep into the science involved, but here goes: during the candying process, the cook uses a bit of the fermented residue off the insides of wine barrels to make the gummies. The wine used here: a 2010 syrah from a farm in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. The result: a tart, slightly sweet, anise-scented treat.

It’s obvious when you’d use this. Actually, it’s not, so here are some suggestions: a thank-you gift for a flirtatious sommelier. Nosh for the next time you’re entertaining Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church. Or because Halloween is coming up, you’ll want to keep a stash on hand for your annual post-Vizcaya costume gala after-party.

You should probably stock up on wine, too.


Wild Fennel Candied Valencia Orange Rinds
from Sqirl

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