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You and the TSA have a tortured relationship. The lines. The little baggies for your shaving cream. The latex gloves.

And that damn 3D body scanner. It won’t even make you a suit.

Well, it’s been reprogrammed. The result: Alton Lane, a new custom tailoring shop that relies on a futuristic scanner, officially opening November 1 but booking October appointments now for UrbanDaddy readers.

This is the marriage of hand tailoring and science fiction you’ve been waiting for. Oh, and scotch. Let’s not forget the scotch. You’ll ascend to this third-floor showroom overlooking Dupont Circle—it feels like the poker room at a hunting lodge, complete with antler chandeliers, leather couches and trophies—and first thing, they’ll offer you a drink from their four-seat bar.

Then, it’s time. You’ll enter the scanner (cleverly hidden behind two French doors). Spun off of technology developed for airports, 32 sensors will shoot white light at you and create a 3D avatar of your suit-ready body.

From there, the shopkeepers will take a few extra measurements, chat with you about fabric, fit and other bells and whistles like monograms, custom linings and epaulets (okay, not epaulets), and send your order to their Thai tailors.

In four to six weeks, you’ll get your suit. They’ll also save your avatar so things go a little quicker when you come back for a tux.

They’ll save your drink order, too.


Alton Lane
1506 19th St NW, 3rd Fl
Washington, DC, 20036


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