Things to do for October 14, 2011

The Weekender

Clams, Vinyl and the Bar from Swingers

The weekend is trending young.

Streamlining Your Fitness Regimen

Streamlining Your Fitness Regimen

Yoga in Silver Lake. Pilates in Santa Monica. Dodgeball in Toluca Lake. Your fitness schedule is a full-time job. Meet your new assistant: FITiST, a members-only website that helps you organize your routines, set goals and buy classes at boutique gyms at discounted rates. No, they don’t want your old NordicTrack.

Launches Oct 17, FITiST, UrbanDaddy readers can become members now here

Eating Clams with Tom Colicchio

Eating Clams with Tom Colicchio

We’re not sure what you’ve got planned this evening, but it’s not too late to share clams with Tom Colicchio. At this LA Food & Wine event, you’ll stroll around a private beach club in Santa Monica, sipping wines and downing seafood. Go ahead, wear your clam diggers.

Oct 14, 7-10pm, $350, Jonathan Beach Club, 850 Palisades Beach Rd, Santa Monica, tickets here

The Bar from Swingers: Rebooted

The Bar from <i>Swingers</i>: Rebooted

Round up Favs, Vince and Ron Livingston: we have word that Three Clubs is stepping up its game. Marc Smith (of Edison fame) has refurbished the back bar, revamped the cocktail menu and brought in a DJ to do themed nights. As usual, you’ll want to pregame with NHL ’94.

Browsing Rare Vinyl in Echo Park

Browsing Rare Vinyl in Echo Park

Your CD collection: legendary. Your cassette tape collection: solid. But your vinyl stash could use some work. Enter this new rare-vinyl shop in Echo Park, which claims to be a no-filler record store, meaning every single selection is highly scrutinized. We assume this means tons of Debbie Gibson.

Now open, Mono Records, 1805 Glendale Blvd, 323-928-2475

Ending Your Week with Pastrami

Ending Your Week with Pastrami

You’ve got a lot of dinner options on Restaurant Row. (Hence the term “Restaurant Row.”) But on Sundays, you’ll want to think about Mezze. In addition to the regular Mediterranean fare, they’ll have matzo ball soup, a housemade pastrami sandwich, and radish and chicken cracklings. Your favorite kind of cracklings.

Sundays beginning Oct 16, 6pm, Mezze, 401 N La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood, 310-657-4103

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