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A Stock Portfolio for Beer

None Information is power. And if there’s one thing you thirst for, well, let’s say power is right up there.

Right behind an icy cold one.

So we present BeerFridge, a frighteningly meticulous iPhone app for tracking your personal beer supply at all times.

The metrics this thing can filter are ridiculous: Beer name. Brewery. Style. Year. Number of bottles. The ABV. Yes, we said ABV. You’ll buy beer and input the info. Drink it. Rate it on a scale of one to five frothy mugs, the international symbol of beer quality.

Sure, it will take a bit of data entry (another reason you should only scout interns at Oktoberfest), but the benefits are worth it. When you’re thinking about hosting a bit of post-club entertaining at your house, check your supply: heavy on the local stuff, iffy on the Slovenian microbrews, but your weiss collection is completely devastated. (Hiring interns at Oktoberfest has some downsides.) Fortunately, you see that you have a backup keg of witbier in storage. After-party saved.

One warning: a good hacker with access to your phone could lay bare your love of weird Belgian blondes.

Plus, all that info you put in about the beer.

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