Things to do for October 13, 2011

The Weekender

This Weekend: Oysters, Cycling and The Wire

The weekend sees nothing wrong with biscuits and beer during baseball.

Rock Music. Food. Together.

Rock Music. Food. Together.

You love live music. You love food. Ergo, you’ll want to sign up for Eat Your Heart Out Boston, where you’ll feast on bites from the chefs of 12 local spots (Storyville, Toro, Area Four) while watching up-and-coming bands tear the roof off the house. In a good way.

On the Lasting Art of The Wire

On the Lasting Art of <em>The Wire</em>

Kicking off the Boston Book Festival this year are the key players and creators (including the real Omar) of HBO’s work of Dickensian genius, The Wire. They’ll be on hand to discuss the show as a work of art and vehicle for social commentary. Say hi to Marlo.

Two Hours of Endless Oysters

Two Hours of Endless Oysters

Look in your pocket. If you’ve got $80 staring you down, know that for two hours on Saturday you can turn that into endless oysters and glasses of bubbly at Legal Harborside’s roof deck. You’ll also meet the Naked Cowboy from Times Square. We hear he’s a big oyster fan.

Biking for Your Dinner

Biking for Your Dinner

If fall gives you a biking jones, head to Arlington on Sunday for a 17-mile trek. You’ll pick produce with the Tryst chef at a local farm, hit up Turtle Creek Winery in Lincoln for a tasting, then sit down for dinner back at Tryst using the ingredients you harvested. Wash up first.

Oct 16, 11am, $30, starts at Quad Cycles, 1043 Mass Ave, Arlington, reserve with Tryst at 781-641-2227

Constructing the Perfect Slider

Constructing the Perfect Slider

Starting this Sunday, the Island Creek Oyster Bar is launching a late-night menu, including a build-your-own-slider menu. You’ll modify yours with fried oysters, lobster and even crab cakes. Narrowly beats a bowl of Cocoa Puffs as a midnight snack.

Elsewhere on the Daddy

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